October 2005

Filled with guilt from his heavy hand,
Why can't she leave this wretched man?
You can see the way he tears her apart,
Tears of blood drip from her broken heart.

The wounds on the oustide may not be deep,
But all the while her soul gently weeps.
When will her knight in shining armour come?
I tried my best, but away she would not run,

From all this darkness, all this abuse.
God may forgive me for thinking of an excuse,
To give up my hope, my help and my plans,
Giving her freedom in a different land -

A land of dreams, of desires, and love,
Surely she deserves this, my angel from above.
I no longer know what to do, think or feel,
Each night I ask myself, is it all real:

Life, love, hopes and dreams,
Do we all float the tide downstream,
With no oar to guide our path,
No bright eyes to lighten the dark?

Verses, pictures, futures we've shared,
There was no doubt that we cared,
About the same things, the same life,
All I could dream - one day she'd be my wife.

And under the setting suns, we might
Love, learn and laugh late into the night.
Stories of past-times and tender feelings,
Written for little souls in future's evenings.

What went so wrong in this world,
To make no truer love fail to unfurl?
Why does hate and hurt seem
Always to win the fairest girl?

Looking back I cannot see what I did,
To make such a mess of it.
One thing's certain, one thing's clear,
In my heart I still have love, but I fear -

That soon my soul will have to move on,
And when you come to me, I will have gone.
But for the moment, this much is true,
Heidi, my twin flame, I still love you...