Forever in a Day
December 2005

"Romeo and Juliet" by Sir Francis Dicksee

I had never known what a perfect moment
Could be like – only in my dreams, in my
Imaginings had I felt time really stand still.

But there I saw you, standing upon the steps,
A curling fountain sprayed an ancient beauty
From your head – your eyes gazed intently,

You were beautiful, in every way; I wanted
To clasp you close and take you down from
The stairs, only so that my wings could take

You higher, us higher to a place where a
Perfect moment could last forever.
The moment of our first lips’ joining was

Tempered by loves’ sweet elixir, a
Potion that weaken the souls of all,
Sometimes leading them to danger.

But in my arms, you would never feel
Any danger nor the fear of being alone,
For my heart and soul would never let

Me leave you to be cold, in this harsh,
Draining and weary world.
I would hold you forever, and hope that

My words and wonderings, my dreams
And desires, my purity and passion would
Stop the mundane from crashing through

To your soul that was molded in the same
Spark of fire as my own; always I feel
You – and know your depths.

Always I’ll feel for you, and tell you
My hearts’ knowings – of tender chivalry
And gentle romance.

There lies beneath a knowing that shall
Never be lost – a connection that will
Survive all the lies of the world.

Both of us have suffered the tricks and
Tribulations that gentle souls endure
Before they can share a love so pure.

I long to find my youngness again, so that
It might make you too feel young.

I long to find my passion again, so that
It might make you too feel passionate.

Nothing has mattered more to me in the
Whole history of my world, than the
Quest of love, a love for eternity.

In your words I have found my worlds,
And in my world I found your words,
Touching me as they touch you.

Our souls yearn underneath for the self-same
Consummation of a rapturous ecstasy, never-ending,
Never-beginning, spanning beyond time.

Two tall trees in a forest far away, yet close to
Our hearts stand with their roots intertwined,
Their source the same – their purpose the same.

To live in love, to love in life, to heal, and grow,
To learn and to show, to believe and to dream,
To show the whole world what love’s gleam

Can do to two, and what two can do to more,
To bring a light that not one can bring on their own,
A feeling that goes deeper, far deeper than any bone.

In this world, my body is far away, but in my
Soul, you are always right next to me – I ache
For the day we again will be in glee,

Laughing at life’s stupidities, crying at love’s
Beauty, feeling the words of ancient sages,
And forgetting all the rages

Of pasts we both knew, but somehow strangely
Together they made us come together anew,
For if we had not been through all that we had,

My words and your words would surely not be glad,
For in the night, our souls would have drifted by,
Our lives would never be the same – we wouldn’t fly

Alongside one another, our deserve’ed future awaits,
When all inside us is healed, I hope it won’t be long,
We’ll laugh and cry and joy for it is not wrong,

For two souls the same, to join together on life’s train,
To help the world remember what they already know
To be true – day and night I am here for you.

Our first meeting, our first embrace, will remain with
Me forever, and bring an eternal sunshine to my face,
But one thing is true, above all others I say:

When we two were in each other’s presence,
I learned what it was for a day to last forever,
And to experience forever in a day…